Sacramento Region final results

The dust has finally settled, and the final CNC global numbers are in. With 2019 being the first year the Sacramento Region has participated in the Challenge, us co-organizers had no idea what to expect. With a budget of zero dollars, and volunteering our time to spreading the word, we half expected it would only be us adding observations throughout the weekend. But BOY were we wrong, Sacramento! You all STEPPED UP and blew our 8,000 observation goal out of the water!

We are so proud of our community answering to the call for observations for our city. The real winner, of course, is science for the almost 1,000,000 observations from 159 cities the world added in just 4 days, and nature for the over 35,000 users who went outside and looked around. Over 31,000 species were documented, including more than 1,100 rare, endangered, or threatened species. Check out the City Nature Challenge website for more info graphics.

Every year since 2016, City Nature Challenge increases the number of iNaturalist observations uploaded to the app.

Here are some fun stats to celebrate from the Sacramento Region: 
– Overall, Sacramento came in 30th out of 159 participating cities 
– Of 27 the other participating cities with a population of 2,500,000-5,000,000, Sacramento came in 9th 
– In all of 2019 leading up to the Challenge, post-Challenge our region was able to increase the number of observations by 7.8% (9832 observations), species by 2% (124 species), and observers by 3.5% (233 observers). 
– Sacramento came in 5th for the number of total observers for a region > 20,000 km2 
– Sacramento had an average of 18 observations per person 
– For all the observations we collected in the Sacramento region, 57% ID’d to species became research grade (or useable for scientific quality data).

We’ve learned a lot, so we have plenty of ideas and we can’t wait to be back again next year. Special thanks to our top contributors for 2019: 
@norasaurus @vermfly @lglevanik @simpylmare55 @phylogenomics @lindagal2 @haileyadler @sarahangulo @lacigerhart @paloma @julie253@justin2 @cjadallah @bonnie_beth

And thank you to ALL who participated in ANY way, your contributions matter for science and nature. See ya in 2020!

The City Nature Challenge is almost here!

The 2019 City Nature Challenge is only a week away and the Sacramento Region has some exciting events coming up to help you prepare!

Join the iNaturalist Sacramento Region Project!
Becoming a member of the Sacramento Region iNat Project will keep you updated on our progress towards our goal of 8,000 observations! All iNaturalist posts will be automatically added to the Sacramento Region project, and joining the project will allow you to easily see other participants’ observations and how our results compare to other City Nature Challenge regions!

iNaturalist Training Party: Mary Stephens Public Library, Davis, CA
Saturday April 20, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, 315 E 14th St, Davis, C

iNaturalist Training Party: Shields Library (UCD Campus), Davis CA
Monday April 22, 12:00 – 3:00 pm, 100 NW, N Quad, UC Davis Campus

These come-and-go events are for potential CNC participants to practice using iNaturalist ‘in the field’! Sacramento Region organizers will be on hand to help participants download the app, take and upload photos to the app, and ID organisms they photograph; as well as answer questions about the CNC event as a whole.

The 2019 City List is Out!

The 2019 City Nature Challenge is only 2 months away and the total list of cities competing this year has just been posted to the City Nature Challenge website! And the final tally is *drum roll* 162 cities! What’s even more amazing is this isn’t the real total tally. Each city listed on the site has signed up to host a City Nature Challenge for their area and this area can be as big or small as the host city chooses. Our Sacramento Region CNC range includes six different California counties adding up to over 20 participating cities! So if you don’t think you’re able to participate in the CNC because you don’t live close to Sacramento, think again – check out our interactive Google map and see if your hometown or favorite hiking spot falls inside our region.

This map shows all the cities we’ll be competing against around the world!

Gearing up for City Nature Challenge in Sacramento 2019

The UC Davis School of Education features events in the Sacramento region in their post: Read the content of the post below:

The City Nature Challenge began as a nature-observation competition between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles County in 2016, organized around simple charge: “which city can find the most nature?” Since then, the competition has expanded rapidly, and this year more than 120 cities will participate worldwide! The Center for Community and Citizen Science is teaming up with the California Naturalist program, UC Davis Evolution and Ecology Department, and other partners in the region to put Sacramento on the list this year, and get our regional community involved.

This is an exciting opportunity for the Sacramento region to get involved in a global effort, while learning a lot about our own backyard. It is also a wonderful opportunity for UC Davis to engage more with the Sacramento Region. This is a great time to get connected and put forward ideas about how we can get people in the Sacramento region involved, so please connect with us if you want to collaborate!

How does it work?

Participants use the iNaturalist app to photograph, catalog, identify, and organize observations of wildlife in their area – the city with the highest number of observations wins!

The City Nature Challenge — essentially a 4-day global bioblitz — will be taking place on April 26th, 2019 – April 29th, 2019. During this window, anyone can contribute at any time. There will also be a variety of events organized to encourage participation, and help people learn about biodiversity throughout our region. Following the end of the observation window on April 29th, other events will be held to help participants identify and complete their observations in iNaturalist.

CNC Sacramento Info

Welcome to the City Nature Challenge Sacramento Area website! Check back here for information on the City Nature Challenge, including area sponsors and events, guides on using iNaturalist and identifying organisms, and results of the Challenge following it’s completion.

Feel free to contact with any questions or comments!